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T.L.C is known for our innovative, groundbreaking and most importantly, successful treatments to eliminate pain.

The techniques that our staff uses are far more effective than other doctors.


Good health and wellness is a priority. We provide relief that does not require drugs or surgery yet proves to be far more effective and long lasting, with no side effects. Our services include: 

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health through natural chiropractic care, drug free and surgery free. When the natural flow of nerve impulses to parts of the body.. 

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  • Auto / Personal / Work Injuries
  • Sports Medicine
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Failed Back Surgery

“I was referred to Dr. Lowenberg of T.L.C by a teammate just prior to the football season after 2 doctors said I would miss a minimum of 3 games with a major hamstring pull, at the time I could barely walk. After only one Gua Sha treatment to break up the scar tissue, I could run lightly, pain free. Within less than 3 weeks of treatment, I was able to play at full speed. It was a miracle, and better yet, I played the entire season without any problems.

I never missed a single game!”


D. Cabatbat,

Woodland Hills, CA

"I was a passenger in 2 major car accidents, one of which bent my neck in the opposite direction it was supposed to bend. I was further injured at work, and was unable to sit, stand or sleep without tremendous pain. I visited Dr. Tirsch at T.L.C because I didn't want to take drugs or get surgery. Within a few months my headaches stopped, my muscle pain stopped, and i was sleeping through the night. I can even ride my bicycle again. Dr. Tirsch has helped me to make my life a much happier one."


Monica S.

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  • Auto / Personal / Work Injuries
  • Sports Medicine
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Failed Back Surgery

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Nick Estrada                           Bodybuilding Champion / Personal Trainer

I have known Dr. Glenn Lowenberg for over 25 years.

He has helped my recovery from knee surgery as well as significant neck and shoulder injuries over the years.

He is an amazing professional and my career couldn't have gone as well without his help. I very highly recommend all of his services.

Mike Bercovici

Taft High / ASU Quarterback

I had a serious knee injury near the end of my high school football career. Doctors said I wouldn't be able to play for several months. This would have ended my scholarship hopes. Dr. Lowenberg was able to get me back on the field in 2 weeks, allowing me to play in the city championship game and get a scholarship to ASU.